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Splash Part 2

Alright, what is up with all these cute foreign ladies coming in here with their boyfriends and ordering “Sex on the Beach”? It’s not hard to make but come on now! Either be less attractive or be less straight!

Also the Tequila Ghost is messing with me again. I couldn’t get the stopper out of the bottle so I pulled it really hard and ended wearing half a shot’s worth on my pants, vest, and left shoe. It’s because some snobby woman with entitlement issues was rushing me with her order while I was working on someone else’s. Whatever. I have no idea when the chardonnay she ordered was opened. Was it two days ago? Two weeks ago? Joke’s on her!

And I saw an actual lesbian couple out tonight, which in the deceptively conservative area I live in is hard to find. They just checked out the bar area quickly and left. I wish I could have talked to them, but maybe it’s good that I didn’t. Had the wrong person overheard I could have lost traffic to the bar ("That girl serving drinks there is gay?" *cringe* Again, a conservative area) or at worst, lost my job. (I have no idea how homophobic the management is, and I really don’t want to find out that way.) 

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